"We stand before a bioengineering revolution 
... and mainstream science is missing the view."






Wm. McNair, PhD: Biophysics and Genetics

Dr. William McNair




William grew up in the South around construction. His father, a commercial contractor, encouraged his early career successes in project management. In 1992, he moved to Colorado and worked on medium-sized (up to 21M) commercial and institutional jobs, and high-end private homes. While coordinating clinicians’ design needs in the build-out of a research and treatment facility, he discovered clinical research. 



William began pursuing undergraduate pre-requisites for a clinical research degree in 1998 while interning with the University of Colorado's Cardiovascular Institute (CUCVI).  He departed holding a dual PhD (Genetics and Biophysics) from CU's Human Medical Genetics Program in order to attend medical school. However, he found the state and practice of institutional medicine dissatisfying and left as a student-in-good-standing prior to completion. 



In 2012, as an alternative to practicing medicine or pursuing mainstream academic research, William focused on consulting and entrepreneurial start-ups in the novel Colorado Cannabis industry.  In 2018, he founded Ascengen as a vehicle for developing proof-of-concept innovative bioscience technology to be applied in the production of designer Cannabis products.


Construction Management

Owner representation for all phases of construction, from design to permitting and occupancy: architects, engineers, general contractors, subs, and inspectors.


Entrepreneurial Portfolio


WeSpark Labs

Currently Seeking Funding

Co-owner / Science Officer of a Cannabis consumables innovator and manufacturer.


Ascended Genetics

Currently Seeking Funding

Consultant and fan of a hemp production, extraction, kitchen, and Cannabis education center.


Pure Solutions

In-house research and education

Consultant, researcher, and fan for an organic pesticide and organic fertilizer development and application operation.

Hermetic Logo FINAL.jpeg

Hermetic Botanicals

Sold and rebranded (Full Circle Labs)

Consulted for Cannabis extracts, formulations, and consumables manufacturer.


Terra health Care labs

Sold and rebranded (Agriscience)

Co-founder, co-owner, and licensed Lab Director of State-mandated MJ testing facility:  microbials, contaminants, and potency testing.

CMT Logo.jpg

CMT Laboratories

Sold and rebranded (Agriscience)

Consulted for State-mandated MJ testing facility: microbials, contaminants, and potency testing.


Pisces Molecular

Consultant and business developer for Cannabis targeted genetics testing.



Science consultant.  Non-Disclosure-Agreement applies.

cannabis leaves.jpg

Cultivar, Inc

Science Officer for a seed-to-retail Cannabis provider. Application and license pending.