Ascengen Research

A Retail Lab in Parts

The Ascengen plan for research, development, and production includes multiple special-purpose lab facilities.

Each lab facility works in synergism, applying different tools toward common goals. 

Lab foundation, construction, and operation may be funded and developed holistically or in parts.


Serious investment enquiries welcome.


Genetics Lab

Genetic research, testing, and production facility.

This lab facility supports genetic editing, AFLP marker development and application, genetic bar-coding, genetic tagging, and genetic sequencing.

Biology Lab

Biological and microbiological research, testing, and production facility.

This lab facility addresses tissue culture, clone seeds, cloning, cell transformation, germination, vegetation, and flowering processes.


Research and production in the manipulation of electrical bio-fields.

This lab facility supports electro-physiological research: cell signaling, emf generation and application, and coherent light generation and application.

Ascengen Alchemy

Empowering Bioscience Matters

Institutionalized dogma remains the biggest obstacle for innovators. 

Don't believe me?

Try asking an investor for money to research and develop something mainstream science believes impossible.  Educational outreach projects therefore represent a necessary step in building awareness.


Water Memory

Replicating and documenting the "impossible" findings of  Dr. Jacques Benveniste (as presented by Dr.  Luc Montagnier).



Support another documentary partnering with US institutions in order to raise awareness.


This ghost shrimp lives up to 18 months (mainstream science and literature).  I kept two alive for over a decade using micronutrients that "don't exist." 



Support replication of these experiments under stringent research conditions in order to raise awareness.

Photon Signaling*

Chinese scientists document a ubiquitous photon-mediated secondary messaging system in biology while western institutions remain in the dark. 



Support an expedition to China to document and ask questions.

*This image, until recently deemed "impossible" to capture, represents a single photon.