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A Revolution in Water

I can hear it now... "Water? Come on, dude. Anyone who has taken basic high school science knows everything there is to know on the matter. Heck, we've studied water for umpteen-thousand years. Your telling me we've missed something?" Well, humor me. Lets take a closer look.

Yes, we've studied water for a very long time. Primarily because it provides fundamental function and form in every biological system we recognize. Referencing high school science then, by weight up to 60% of the human adult body is water. It represents 73% of brain and heart weight. In the lungs its 83%. In skin, 64%. And in muscles and kidneys, 79%. Even our bones are watery; 31% by weight. Perhaps more interestingly, 99% of all molecules in your body are water molecules.

So each day we must consume a certain amount of water in order to survive. The amount varies according to age, gender, and geographical location. Medical sources suggest that on average, the adult male needs 3 liters per day and an adult female needs 2.2 liters daily. (If i've missed a gender, I apologize, its hard to keep up nowadays).

Personally, I avoid fluoridated water whenever possible. Despite claims to the contrary, fluoride is a toxic agent. Don't blow up my inbox over this if you disagree. I respect your opinion and we can agree to disagree. But I'm going to point out a few inconvenient truths regardless.

Fluorine is the most electronegative (reactive) molecule in the chemical periodic table of elements and forms a nasty and deadly gas. That right there ought to tell us something. Fluoride toothpaste tubes carry a recommendation to call poison control "immediately" if more than a pea-sized amount of the product is consumed. Biologically speaking, fluoride molecules accumulate in regions of the brain where it acts as a neurotoxin (https://fluoridealert.org/issues/health/brain/).

Overwhelming research indicates the practice of fluoridating municipal water causes far more harm than good and the case against this outdated practice continues to build. But you won't find this research on Snopes, so dig diligently elsewhere if intrigued. There exist ample grass-roots movements spearheading education on the matter that will happily provide extensive data and context.

Moving on then, putting a lemon wedge or a squeeze of lemon into healthy fluoride-free drinking water adds flavor and increases vitamin C intake. Drinking a few ounces of this lemon water first thing in the morning hydrates and “wakes up” your digestive system. Try it to good health effect.

This is when you say “Great. Got it. Drink fluoride-free water. But that's not really an exciting revelation. If anything, its a soapbox topic.” Fluoride controversies aside, here is where I mention the first bit of real science heresy; not all water is equal.

No, I’m not referring to modern adulterants like fluoride salts anymore. The linked TED talk discusses a little recognized fourth phase of water... or, perhaps more succinctly (and forward-looking down a genuine scientific "rabbit hole"), a theory on how certain aspects of a healer's energy-work impacts the human body.

Microclustering properties may begin to explain how homeopathy might actually work. Oops. That last statement sends modern institutions into apoplectic fits. As a biologist, a clinically trained researcher, and a degreed biophysicist, Im really not supposed to say such things.

Homeopathy represents the highest form of AMA heresy… enough heresy to merit expulsion (excommunication) to any fool STUPID enough to utter the word in the AMA''s sanctioned hallowed hallways (like medical school). And I know wherefore I speak having done time there amongst them and having committed that very sin. I’m going to repeat the statement though, just to prove that despite institutional edict, walls do not crumble upon utterance of such unmitigated "heresy."

Certain exotic properties of water begin to explain how homeopathy may actually work. Now I've said this evil thing twice and no life-incinerating bolts of lightning come crashing down from upon high. Please presume to continue safely.

Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier, presents revolutionary perspective on certain homeopathy-supporting exotic qualities of water:

Dr. Montagnier demonstrated electromagnetic emissions of DNA stored in water microclusters can be accessed to real, observable, predictable, and repeatable effect. I find reiterating novel concepts from different perspective provides texture and clarity. So, the following two videos present more scientists discovering similar energetic effects in different investigations.

Sorry about the video quality on this last one. Still worth inclusion IMHO.

A revolution in the science of water remains controversial only because sanctioned institutions refuse to embrace it. Entrenched educational systems prefer maintaining an incomplete narrative excluding novel observations because, among other things, embracing novelty forces revolutionary change in science and social narratives. Yes. A circuitous argument, but there it is. Documentably, researchers dabbling in "unapproved" areas of science are silenced by one method or another… Just ask Luc how that works. But let’s wrap things up for today.

Reproducible experimentation demonstrates that electromagnetic frequencies from the environment can imprint upon water. In essence, water acts like a storage drive for electromagnetic fields that it encounters within the environment. And "courageous" researchers going against popular narrative are beginning to explore some of what this means in our reality, and how it may be utilized for practical application.

Most intriguingly, placing a written word on a container of distilled water results in drastically different emf charges being stored within that water (as reflected in crystalization). Emoto demonstrates that different words resulted in the development and observation of drastically different ice crystalline structures. Furthermore, he described that these emfs acted non-locally... at a distance, so to speak, to effect the emf fields of patients thousands of miles away.

Well, everyone knows that words have tremendous emotional power. That's easy to accept. Current news is fraught with examples of hate speech as our society struggles with how to both regulate and protect the 1st amendment (freedom of speech). But does ink on tape placed on a container of distilled water really manifest such physical differences in the emf patterns stored in water? Also, can such effects be felt and measured non-locally across great distances without any recognizable means of transmission? Or is this impossible pseudoscience?

To clarify, I don't believe for an instance that ink on tape acts as the mechanism of transmission. Rather its the human component, or observer of that vial, that imparts their mental emf (or other) bias upon the water. And humans broadcast emf patterns non-locally.

When we think of the word love, for instance, we elicit unique biochemical actions in our brains and emit related specific emfs. While hate elicits separate and different biochemical actions in our brains and we correspondingly emit different emfs. These emfs permeate our physical bodies and "charge" our environment.

But how far do these transmissions act within our environment, and through what mechanisms? Further, inconvenient science findings give us clues here too. Stay tuned.